Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm HOME!!

Well, I am home and made it down the stairs to my stamp room to my computer!!! Yeayyyyy!!! So now I could load some pictures (at least for a few minutes). I had a total left knee replacement on Nov 2nd. I went to a rehab hospital (thank goodness for rehab facilities!!) for about 2 wks. I never would have been able to get around, into or out of bed if it hadn't been for that time with all those PT sessions which I hated.. but made my knee stronger. I can get around to do some cooking.. but the BAD knee (other one that needs to be replaced) is hurting and giving me fits!!!Makes my hips hurt after standing a while.. and can you see me with a walker, trying to get an 8 lb ham out of the bottom shelf of a frig!!! Maybe someone ought to be taking pics of me doing all these antics!! So here's some of the cards our group did before I went into the hospital.. Then I also have a few pics of the pumpkin cards I made while in the rehab hospital with some beautiful papers my friend Rhonda gave me to keep me busy...and the pumpkin set from the Holiday mini flyer.

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Erica B. said...

That's great! I 'm glad you're back on your feet somewhat. Are you ready to get surgery #2?