Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Shot Mini Baskets

I borrowed the BigShot Baskets and Blooms die cut from my friend and fellow demo, Karen to see how "small" these little baskets were, how hard they are to put together , and what materials would work with them. I did cut out some from "stiffy felt".... regular felt doesn't work, but haven't gotten them glued or sewn together yet. These are the paper versions... much easier to work with, though still a littel tricky to put together. Maybe my fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be!! The directions were very "sparse" to say the least, but I did manage to get some put together. If anyone wants to make these, make sure you use the redline sticky tape SU sells, or can be found in stores (though our prices per yd are a bit more economical). The felt version.. well.. I think I'm going to have to sew the bottom section in by hand, since it's a circle with a lot of little cut edges that need to be folded and eased, and must stick fast... which even the sticky tape on the felt doesn't seem to work. I did try sealing the side seam with "Ultimate Glue" (sticks metal to wood), and weighted it down with a some heavy items and it seems to be holding.. But to do that to the bottom... would be a very long tedious job. So I think I will try stitching by hand the bottom circle using some linen thread or embroidery floss. Then cover the stitched seam with the little bands that fit around the base of the basket. See the polka dot basket with the brown snowflake trim. I reversed the band to the snowflake side to give it a more unique look.

I used some rub on snowflakes from Old Saint Nick Rubons set (Stampin UP) after I put the basket together. Of course it would have been very easy to apply them when the basket was flat but then, if I didn't get the basket together correctly, I would have wasted the I put it together first, then stuck a smooth round object inside to use up against the cardstock to rubon the images.

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