Thursday, February 26, 2009

Piano Hinged Hand Made Book

I belong to an altered book group, and one of the ladies had made a piano hinged book with paper bags. I had taken a class locally some years ago and had made one with cardstock and bamboo skewers. I have included the blog which has a very nice tutorial for making this same kind of book using paper bags. I have not cut off the ends of the bamboo skewers. At the time, I didn't have a tiny saw to cut them. Bamboo is very hard and needs to be cut with a little dremel saw blade or it will splinter. The spine shows how the skewers were woven in between the pages of cardstock. The fold out tag was in the pocket on the front of the book. The important thing to remember when making this type of book, is to make yourself a template for the "V" cuts for the cardstock so all the pages will be lined up properly.

The blog with the Tutorial is:

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