Wednesday, June 27, 2007

About me.....

Hi there..I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Connie and I am a Stampaholic!! I got addicted to rubber stamping about 18 yrs ago... about the time stamps were showing up at craft shows in little booths. They would show you how to stamp with usually black or brown ink, then emboss it (holding the cardstock over a light bulb for heat .. there were no embossing guns per se back then..), then you would color in most of the images with markers. Boy has rubber stamping come a LONG WAY BABY since then!!

I stamped a little here and there, raised two teenagers by myself after my husbands death and went on with life.. putting the rubber stamps on the shelf for a while. Then one day while visiting my sister, her daughter asked me to take her place at a "stamping party" in Houston, TX. I said.. ok, I hadn't stamped for a while, so thought it would be fun. I went and they were using CTMH stamps.. the same company I had initially learned from and used their stamps many years before. Only then it was called D.O.T.S. I had a ball!! And they used so many different colors of INK than what we had before!!

Well, I was hooked. I came home and found my old friend who had introduced me to stamping and she was still teaching stamping with the CTMH company. I went to a couple of sessions at her house.. but really didn't do anything with it. One night another friend invited me to her house to a Stampin' UP! class. I asked.. what is Stampin' UP! ?? She said it's rubber stamps and we make cards and have fun. So I went. Then I went to another, and another... then I started having these stamping classes at MY house!! Boy was I hooked!!! The demo kept bugging me to "sign up to be a demo". I said.. why not.. I can do this!! The rest is history.... here I am 4 yrs later....stamping, and stamping, and it's all I can do and think about!! Guess that's good when you get older.. As my kids used to tell me... "Mom, get a job, you're driving us nuts"... so I got a job.. a job that I LOVE!!! Now they call me and ask me to babysit or something and I have to tell them.. sorry.. I have a workshop, or sorry, I'm preparing for Stampclub or our semi-annual Stamp Camp... It's all THEIR fault!!

I teach others to stamp (and scrapbook some)now... and I just love to see all the artistic creations my "stampers" come up with. Everyone is so unique and has hidden talents that just blossom when given a bit of Stamps, Ink, and Paper!! I love what I do, and so can you!!

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