Thursday, June 26, 2008

Preparing your stamps for stamping.

This was my finished card... with the original image. I left it that way to show my stampers what a brand new stamp can do.

Preparing your stamps: Have you ever opened up a new stamp set, inked it up, then when you stamped it, the ink puddled and just didn't stamp well? Sometimes there is a slight residue on the stamp from when it was molded in the vulcanization process. The image on the left below shows an example of what my new stamp looked like when I first stamped it. The image on the right shows what it looks like after I "sanded" it.

Here is a close up of the first "stamping"
This is the image after I fixed it. I took my SU sanding block and lightly sanded the surface of the whole stamp to remove the residue. Then I re-inked the stamp and restamped, giving the nice clean color.

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