Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shoe Box Swap

We had a Demo night shoebox swap this week at my uplines' house. There were 9 of us plus my "boss" >> aka Susan our upline... so we all made all the cards , of course complaining when we had to cut out a bunch of things, or if the ribbon was too short.. just like our customers do!!! It's amazing... demos turn into "customer like" beings when they start making cards that someone else has designed. I was nice to them and punched out all the pieces except 2 for my Owl card. It takes 11 different punches to make that little card!! There are two variations of the Autumn harvest pumpkin card.. one with the ribbon in a open knot and one with just a knot in the long strand... that's the one we complained the ribbon is too short... so that's what you do when you run into that situation!! The set Inspired by Nature seemed to be the most popular set used, as it appeared in 3 different cards.


Denese said...
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Denese said...

All the cards are lovely! I especially like the coneflowers. :)