Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smackin' Acetate

When I first heard this term... I wondered what it could be.. so I asked my customers if they'd like to do a card using "smackin' acetate"... of course I got all kinds of replies..!!! Then I had to try it to see what kinds of results I would get. The result is very similar to polished stone, but much less messy and a lot easier. I chose to use the Embrace Life stamp set, since the large flower lent itself very nicely to a bold color background. The Pink and Yellow single cards are my samples.

This card is one of my customers samples. He loves purple, and it did go well with the pink background papers. Every time you do this technique , you get a different result. I'm just sorry I didn't take more pictures of the other cards. They were all so gorgeous!!

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FireCracker082 said...

pretty cards!! and, you've been tagged!! see the details on my blog he