Sunday, September 28, 2008

Snow flakes are falling

Well.. the temperatures are going down.. though it's not real apparent here in the desert yet... until it reaches about 7PM, then you can really feel it.. The nights are just getting cooler and you can see the leaves changing and falling. Soon it will be cold, and the mountain tops will be white with snow caps. Though on the west side of the Sandias, the sun tends to melt the first winter snows. To get in the mood for winter, snow, skiing, snowboarding.. or just plain enjoying the lovely little white flakes that sometimes fall down here in town... we made some beautiful embossed snowflake cards at Rhondas. She designs all the weekly cards and really has outdone herself with this one. Embellished with felt snowflakes and rhinestone brads in the middle...they really make a beautfil simple card. Enjoy!!

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