Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leadership Dinner

My upline Susan, held a leadership dinner for all her Sr Supv and above last night. She had prepared a gorgeous dinner with Cocktails, appetizers, soup, salad, and main entree. Needless to say we all had WAY too much to eat!! But it was so good!! The desert...a Chocolate Brownie Kahlua Trifle (made by her budding chef son) was out of this world. I have pictured it at the end. After we all ate our fill (didn't take too long due to the variety of foods), we made this cute little CD book. It was really fun for all of us to sit and make them together. Everyone's turned out a bit different. I had to add some extra embellishments at home (drug out some Jolee's Christmas stick ons I found in a drawer >>see the Christmas tree), but I will stamp some other things and embellish the pages even more and make this my 2008 Christmas Book!!

This is the Chocolate Tifle!!!

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